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Required Immunizations for School aged Children
Recommended Immunizations for College Students
Immunization Waiver  *required to be signed yearly
PreK Only:  Medical Statement Letter  &  Medical Statement  


New Immunization Requirements for all 7th and 12th grade students:

The Ohio Department of Health has new requirements: incoming 7th grade students must have a tdap booster and meningitis vaccine (mcv4) by the first day of school and incoming 12th grade students must have 2 doses of meningitis vaccine (mcv4) by the first day of school **if your child received this vaccine on or after their 16th birthday, a second dose will not be required.

Please be sure to discuss this with your child’s pediatrician to determine what vaccines will be needed before the start of the school year.  An updated immunization record must be provided to the clinic before the 1st day of school with the required vaccines.

Please contact Ms. Blackburn in the Clinic if you have any questions or concerns.  Immunization records can be faxed to the school at (330) 876-2841 once the vaccines are completed.


Adults & Child Clinics:

 Warren Health Department

Trumbull County Health Department

Concussions:  Ohio Department of Health Information Sheet

Head Lice: Joseph Badger Schools has a No Nit Policy.  If your child has been identified with nits/lice, they will be sent home and will not be permitted on the bus until the school nurse has cleared them to return to class.  Please see the attached information on Lice:  Head Lice &  Treatment for Lice



Medications:  If your child requires medication to be administered during school hours, please complete the appropriate form provided below. Please be aware that students are not permitted to carry or deliver any medications during school hours, only rescue inhalers and Epipens are allowed.  Parents are responsible for delivery of the medication to the school in its original container, clearly labeled with the student’s name and grade. Medication will only be accepted by the Clinic.

Forms:  Health Forms are required to be submitted to the nurse EACH YEAR



Seizure Action Plan:

Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Insect/Bee Allergy Anaphylaxis Plan

Diabetes Management Plan (all forms must be completed)