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September 11th

Hello Badger Brave Families.  We have had an incredible start to the school year, and I want to thank all of you.  I also want to share some incredible news!

The USDA just shared some amazing information this week.  All students in the Joseph Badger School District are able to receive a free breakfast and a free lunch every day through the month of December.  And when I say all, I mean everyone!  Any breakfast or lunch meals purchased prior to this announcement will be reimbursed.  Please know this program is for full meals and that we still have to charge for any ala carte items.

These same free breakfasts and lunches are available for our remote learners as well.  You can pick up a week’s worth of food beginning this Monday and every Monday after that from 9:00-9:15 by our flagpole.  Please let us know if you are planning on taking advantage of this service so that we can prepare your food.  An email is being sent to you with a link to respond or you can call us and leave a message at 330 876-2808.

We are elated to make this announcement.  We are here for you Braves.  Stay safe.  Stay Healthy.


August 23rd

Good evening Badger Braves.  We are almost there.  School bus routes are on our website.  If you need anything different from what is posted, give us a call and we will accommodate.  Please remember, wearing a mask is mandatory as ordered by our governor and the Ohio Department of Health.  Please have your children put on their masks before getting on the bus or before entering our building.  We are able to provide masks for anyone who needs them.  Breaks will be provided throughout the day.  And lastly, for any student who is studying online and who needs a laptop or other device, we will be passing them out for all grades tomorrow from 5:00-7:00.  Have a great and safe night.  Face to face instruction will begin on Tuesday.  Good night.


August 20th

Good evening Badger Braves.  As you may have heard, our governor today has changed the level of our county to red.  We have already met with our local health department and our commissioner has advised us to continue opening as planned.  This will, however, impact the threshold of when we send kids home who show any one symptom including a cough, sore throat or fever.  If your child has any symptom, you will need to keep them home.  Also, please check and verify your Final Forms information so that we can be certain to be able to reach you if needed.

In other news, our elementary schedules are now complete!  They will be on our website tomorrow.  Busing information is being finalized and pick-up and drop-off info will be coming soon.  Have a great night.


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The Joseph Badger Local School District will provide academic excellence to all students through an effective and challenging learning environment that encourages students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. The new Joseph Badger School opened September 5, 2006 with the first day of classes for students. Badger Elementary, Middle and High School form a 175,000 square foot state of the art K-12 facility that services the largest geographical school district in Trumbull County. Students attending the Joseph Badger School, named after a circuit riding minister, Reverend Joseph Badger reside in Gustavus, Hartford, Kinsman, Orangeville or Vernon Township.

There is also a small population of open enrollment students attending from neighboring school districts. Joseph Badger offers a diversified curriculum including Kindergarten/Enrichment and college preparatory courses which include five high school advanced placement (AP) classes. Badger Middle School is one of the select schools in Ohio to offer three grade eight classes earning high school credit; French, Algebra and Intro to Physics and Chemistry.  Joseph Badger offers a comprehensive co-curricular program coinciding with academic offerings and an interscholastic sports program which personifies team play, opponent respect and continued sportsmanship in all contests.


The Joseph Badger Local School District Board of Education, with assistance from Hilltop Securities Inc., refinanced its outstanding Series 2012 Various Purpose Bonds to take advantage of favorable bond market conditions. The $5,880,000 refinancing will save District taxpayers $441,095 over the life of the bonds,  approximately 6.212% in present value savings The Series 2012 Bonds were originally a refinancing of the District’s Series 2003 Various Purpose Bonds. The 2012 refinancing resulted in gross debt service savings of $513,185 over the life of the bonds. In total, the two refunding bond issues have saved the Joseph Badger Local School District taxpayers $954,280 over the life of the bonds. The Board of Education, Superintendent Baldwin, and Treasurer Sciola want to take every opportunity to reduce taxes to the constituents they serve, and with favorable bond market conditions, this refinancing provided a great opportunity to save money for the community.

Dates and Events:

8/25 First day of School  grades 1-12

8/31 First day of School  Kindergarten

9/8 First day of School PreK

9/24     Two Hour early dismissal

10/9 No School – NEOEA Day

10/22  One Hour early dismissal

11/19   Two Hour early dismissal

11/25-11/30 No School  – Thanksgiving Break

12/23-1-1 No School – Winter Break

1/21  1 Hour early dismissal

2/12-2/15 No School  – President’s Day

2/18  Two hour early dismissal

3/12 No School

3/18  One hour early dismissal

4/2-4/5 No School – Spring Break

4/15  Two hour early dismissal

5/27 BHS Commencement

5/28 Last student day