College Credit Plus

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Class of 2025

Remind Code World History-Miss Albert

Remind Code Government-Miss Albert

Remind Code Psych-Miss Albert

Remind Code Fin Lit-Miss Albert

Remind Biology 2022-2023-Mrs. Best

Remind Anatomy 2022-2023-Mrs. Best

Remind 7th Grade Science 2022-2023- Mrs. Best

Algebra I 3rd period Ms Difford

Algebra I 6th period-Ms Difford

Algebra I 7th period-Ms Difford

PreCalculus- Ms Difford

Spanish1-Ms Ekholm

Spanish 2-Ms Ekholm

Spanish 3-Ms Ekholm

Spanish 4-Ms Ekholm

Intro to Art Period 1-Miss Greathouse

Intro to Art Period 5-Miss Greathouse

Intro to Art Period 6-Miss Greathouse

Advance Art Period 3-Miss Greathouse

Advance Art Period 7-Miss Greathouse

Honors 9-Mrs. Merrow

English 9 Period 2- Mrs. Merrow

English 9 Period 5-Mrs. Merrow

English 12-Mrs. Merrow

English 8 Period 1-Mrs. Merrow

English 8 Period 7 -Mrs. Merrow

invite 2022 2023 second period ELA 10 remind-Mrs. Middleton

invite 2022 2023 3rd period Honors 10-Mrs. Middleton

invite 2022 2023 5th period remind-Mrs. Middleton

invite 2022 2023 6th period remind-Mrs. Middleton