Joseph Badger Board of Education

2023 Board of Education

Mr. William Burns
Mrs. Christine Crosby
Mr. Jared Klingensmith, V. President
Mr. John Phillips,  President
Mrs. Laisa Thompson

The Joseph Badger Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of each month in the Auditorium at 6:00 pm.   All Board of Education meetings are open to the public.  (see scheduled dates below)  Upon request to the Superintendent, the District shall make reasonable accommodation for a disabled person to be able to participate in this activity.

The Joseph Badger Board of Education is a non-partisan, elected body created by the Ohio General Assembly.  There are five Board members each elected to four-year terms that overlap.  The Board derives its authority and responsibilities from state and federal law.  The Board president conducts Board meetings and acts as spokesperson for the Board.

Email for Board of Education:

2023 Board Meeting Dates

January 4, 2022                 5:55 pm  Organizational Meeting

January 4, 2023                 6:00 pm  Regular Meeting

February 15, 2023            6:00 pm

March 15, 2023                 6:00 pm

April 12, 2023                    5:30 pm  ** Meeting date changed from 4/19 to 4/12** posted 3/16/2023

May 17, 2023                      6:00 pm **Meeting date changed from 5/17 to 5/22 at 7 pm  posted 5/16/2023

June 29, 2023                    6:00 pm **Meeting date changed from 6/30 to 6/29 at 6 pm  posted 5/23/2023

July – no meeting scheduled

August 16, 2023                6:00 pm

September 20, 2023        6:00 pm

October 18, 2023              6:00 pm

November 15, 2023         6:00 pm

December – no meeting scheduled