Joseph Badger Position Statement

The Joseph Badger School District is committed to its mission serving children, teenagers and parents throughout the Joseph Badger Greater School Community. A holistic approach to education is Best Practice in assisting the students attending the Joseph Badger School. These same students develop skills which in turn permit young people to evolve to lifelong learners. Further, the Joseph Badger Board of Education believes it necessary to formulate a POSITION STATEMENT in Proclamation format that accentuates again, the holistic approach to the education of the community’s school population.

The Board of Education believes testing and assessing students is important to a student’s learning but further believes the State of Ohio’s testing-assessing model and built in consequences thereof is badly broken and in need of drastic repair. Ohio’s present testing model is not a tool for student growth rather, a nonsensical model of intimidation, veiled threats and a fraudulent attempt to undermine public education. The Joseph Badger School District believes in Public Education containing any and all nuances of serving the public’s well-being; therefore, permit this Proclamation or Position Statement to serve the Joseph Badger Greater School Community and its citizens.

District Proclamation

*to be adopted by Board Resolution, October 19, 2016

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