Third Grade Reading Guarantee

The new Third Grade Reading Guarantee Law impacts students, parents, teachers, schools and districts in many ways.

The Joseph Badger School is currently making the necessary changes to address this new law through board policy and daily procedures.
Diagnostic Assessments An English/Language Arts diagnostic assessment must be given by Sept. 30 of each year for students in Kindergarten through grade 3 beginning with the 2012-2013 school year. What happens next?

  • We look at student scores to determine who is on-track and who is not on-track. On-Track means any student reading at grade level based on previous end of year standards expectations by Sept. 30. Not on-Track means any student who is not reading at grade level based on previous end of year standards expectations by Sept. 30.
  • If a student is Not on-Track a Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan (RIMP) is developed for your student’s specific reading deficiency. The RIMP describes instruction and services that target the students deficiencies, provides opportunities for parents to be involved, a plan for monitoring the services and on-going analysis of the student’s progress.
  • Parents will be notified by letter for students identified with reading deficiency.
  • The RIMP (Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan) will be implemented along with the following guidelines:
    • A reading curriculum during school hours that assists students to read at grade level
    • A statement that unless the student attains the appropriate grade level reading competency by the end of Grade 3, the student will be retained.
    • Beginning 2013-2014 school year, provide a teacher who has passed a reading instruction test or has a reading endorsement on their teaching license.


Third Grade Reading Guarantee District Staffing Plan Template

Intervention for Students

Remediation services for selected students Not on-Track include:

  • Small group instruction
  • Reduced teacher-student ratios
  • More frequent progress monitoring
  • Tutoring and/or mentoring
  • Transition classes (multiple grade levels)
  • Summer reading camp
  • Possible Extended school year, day, or week.

* Individual students RIMPs may include any or all of the interventions specified here.