Badger Elementary Pre-Kindergarten Program

This fall will mark the beginning of Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K). Pre-K will be a tuition based, self-funded full day program that will provide an educational curriculum and socialization program for any child ages 4 and 5.

Pre-K will include a knowledge based and social environment so each child may explore and discover his/her world. Both active and quiet play will be accentuated along with language experience, musical and artistic expression, the search for science information, pre-math and pre-reading activities.

Every child will be provided unlimited opportunities to develop a positive attitude towards himself/herself, the people around them and the world that we live in.

This program will be operated as “NOT FOR PROFIT” therefore the total number of students will also decide the number of teacher(s) and classroom aide(s).

Registration Fee: $25.00 Pre-K Tuition: $225.00/month for 9 months

Complete and sign ALL required forms: Emergency Medical Form, Immunization Record completed by physician. Pre-K students (O.R.C. 3301-37-05A) are required to have a doctor authorized Medical Statement no later than thirty days following admission verifying immunizations. If, after the end of the 30-day grace period, the pupil has not submitted written evidence of compliance, the pupil will be excluded from school. (JBLSD Policy # 908.00)

  • School Day: Monday—Thursday 8:30 a.m.-3:10 p.m. (same as Badger Elementary K-4 – no class on Friday)

  • Transportation: Provided by the school, students may ride the elementary bus or parents may drop off/pick up

  • School Calendar: Same as Badger Kindergarten Students (whenever the Joseph Badger School closes the Pre-K class will be closed)